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Guerande Salt
Guerande Salt
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The trade in Sel de Guerande started when ATJ found a book entitled "Story of Sea Salt in Geurande", written by Kolin Kobayashi.
Out of that developed exchanges with paludier who are committed to protecting their environment, landscape and technology. By now we have firmly established mutual trust and cooperation.
A paperback opened the door.
"Tasty salt won't remain without a social struggle as well as a good reason to be wanted."
This is the first line of the preface of the book, Story of Sel de Guerande, by Kolin Kobayashi (Iwanami Shinsho, 2001). ATJ staff, impressed with the story, contacted the author, who lives in France. Thus began the relationship between Sel de Guerande and ATJ. Until then, most partners of ATJ had been small producers in developing countries, or the "south". The partnership with the salt producers in Guerande meant establishing new solidarity within the "north," for these people were struggling to conserve their own environment, landscape and technology in France, a country of the "north" like Japan. The partnership has helped the citizens' movement in Japan realize they can learn much from the citizens' movement in France.
ATJ staff visited Guerande in 2001, and fair trade in salt started the next year. The same year, the author, Mr. Kolin Kobayashi, and Mr. Charles Perraud, Chairman of the Guerande Paludier Cooperative, came to Japan for lecture meetings and exchange programs in different parts of the country. In autumn, a group of Japanese visited Guerande to observe the salt production there. Since then, a salt tour has taken place every year. Meanwhile, in 2003 a paludier came to Japan for exchanges with people in various localities.