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Mascobado Sugar
Mascobado Sugar
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Mascobado sugar is a product of Negros Island, the Philippines. The sugarcane is produced by farmers who have come to own their land through land reform.
マスコバド糖地図Negros Island
Negros Island is located in the center of the Philippines. In the Philippines, sugar production is a major industry and almost 60% of its sugar is produced on the island, which is called the "sugar pot" of the country. Sugarcane for sugar production is largely produced on large plantations. Out of a population of almost 4 million, almost 30% are landowners who own 60% of the total land. Land Reform has been obstructed for years because of the unequal social structure. At present, sugarcane growers who acquired their land through land reform are engaged in a project supported by ATFI to convert to organic farming.