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Mascobado Sugar
Mascobado Sugar
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Trade in the brown sugar from Negros started in the middle of the1980s when the island was hit by a sugar crisis. Mascobado sugar is the first product of people's trade between Negros and Japan.
In the1980s, the price of sugar on the international market crashed, leading to the almost total destruction of the sugar industry on Negros Island. As many landowners abandoned sugarcane farms, sugar workers lost their jobs and many children faced starvation. In response to this critical situation, Japan Committee for Negros Campaign (JCNC) was set up to launch assistance work such as delivering food and medical supplies.
When the emergency phase ended, the importing of Mascobado sugar produced by traditional methods was proposed as the next step of support work. The trade would encourage people in Negros to achieve self-reliance through producing sugar by themselves and receiving a fair price for their product. To set up an alternative distributing system, Alter Trade Corporation (ATC) was established in Negros and carried out the business of exporting Mascobado sugar. JCNC shifted to supporting sugar workers and small farmers who engaged in food production on the island. ATJ started to import Mascobado sugar to Japan in 1987.

Now Mascobado sugar exported to Japan is used by consumers as well as in various processed foods, including cakes and bread.
ATJ also developed a new product, Black Candy, sweetened with Mascobado. In 1995, another product, Fried Dough Cake, went on sale. And in 2004, Mascobado Syrup was introduced on the market.