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Nam Do Kimchi
Nam Do Kimchi
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Nam Do Kimchi comes from Suncheon City in Jeonra Nam Do, South Korea. The kimchi is produced at a factory directly managed by Suncheon Farmers Cooperatives with genuine taste of Korean pickles.
キムチ地図ATJ trades Matkimchi from Suncheon Farmers Cooperatives in Suncheon City, Jeonra Nam Do, and South Korea. Joenra Nam Do is the most important kimchi-producing province in South Korea. Their kimchi has rich flavor of various marine products including fish guts.
Suncheon City is famous for its beautiful mountains and rivers, nice place to live. This garden city is a place of scenic beauty, featuring Jeonra Nam Do Park of Chogesan, lakes and valleys, and it has abundant water and fertile land. Cultural tourism is also popular as there are many remains of ancient days. Rural communities are found in both the plains and the mountains. People grow rice, wheat and vegetables in the plains, while chestnuts, persimmons and plums are grown in mountainous areas.
Korean farmers are hit by increasing imports of cheap farm products from abroad. Also, as in Japan, agriculture is facing a crisis caused by drastic decrease in the farming population and the aging of farmers. Thus the Suncheon Farmers Cooperatives started to produce processed food with value added as an income generating program to help farmers achieve self-reliance. This is why the kimchi factory, Nam Do Food, was set up. Their homemade food plays important role in preserving traditional food culture in Korea. In urban city like Seoul, people living in high-rise apartments are no longer make traditional kimchi themselves, and Nam Do Kimchi made of safe materials with traditional method is welcomed by these city dwellers.