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Palestinian Olive Oil
Palestinian Olive Oil
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Since ancient times olive has been a symbol of peace. Olive oil along with wish for peace is delivered from the land of Palestine, one of the original homes of olive.
Olive is a special fruit which symbolizes peace, fertility and life. Olive appears frequently in both Bible and Koran. And olive oil extracted from the fruit is used for food, lamp oil, medicine and cosmetics. By B.C.1000, mills to extract olive oil in Palestine are recorded. Olive oil is not just food stuff but deeply rooted in living, culture and history of the Palestinian people.
Even today, there are olive oil mills in every village of Palestine and people live on olive.
Nevertheless, their farmland is taken and the field is destructed for Israel has requisitioned the land. In fact, since 2000, almost 200,000 million olive trees have been uprooted by Israeli army.
This Palestinian Olive Oil is produced in cooperation with an NGO and local farmers in Palestine. The oil is the first extract from olive harvested carefully one by one. Its good taste and flagrance fostered by the land of Palestine are full of artisanship and wish for peace of the villagers there.