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    What is Alter Trade Japan (ATJ)  
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What is Alter Trade Japan (ATJ)
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Alter Trade Japan (ATJ) trades food-stuffs including bananas, coffee and so on. Today, our daily life including diet is closely connected with occupations and living of all people in the world. And yet, the trade as a whole is controlled by a few international institutions and corporations. ATJ was established by consumers' cooperatives, groups for direct trade between producers and consumers, citizens' organizations, aiming to a system and relationship different from the current one, an alternative society through trading that connect communities of production and of consumption.

Through its activities、ATJ
1) supports small producers growing crops suited to local climate within their community.
2) trades good food, safe for both producers and consumers, and non-destructive to environment.
3) offers the space for "encounter" beyond borders, aside from trading. Producers and consumers meet and support each other as human beings through trading of food stuffs.

With economic activities of grass-roots, ATJ aims to build a system which allows everybody can choose his/her lifestyle and living in the community. In an alternative society we wish to build, everybody would live together peacefully on this planet.